Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Special needs classes in August at Utah's Hogle Zoo

Image result for utah's hogle zooEngaging Enrichment (Physical Disabilities)
$10 per student, includes accompanying adult
It’s not an egg carton. It’s a game of hide-and-seek.
It’s not a log. It’s an obstacle course.
It’s not a toy. It’s animal enrichment.
Animals in the wild spend much of their time and energy finding food, building homes, defending their territories and escaping predators. Zoo life is more predictable, as most animals’ resources are provided for them. Discover firsthand the creative ways we come up with to help them to use that energy. You’ll experience some of the Zoo’s enrichment personally and then meet with keeper to see how the animals do it.  This class is specially designed for students with physical disabilities and is wheel chair accessible.
August 5, 2015  5pm-6pm
Ages 6-18

Class targeted for children with cognitive/developmental disabilities:

Let’s Go Ape (Cognitive/Developmental Disabilities)
$10 per student, includes accompanying adult
Join us for a class filled with monkey – and ape – business, as we learn about the many adaptations of primates. Children will have a chance to meet a primate keeper and learn how the animals are cared for and why its great to be a primate. This class has been designed for students with cognitive and developmental disabilities.
August 19, 2015  5pm-6pm
Ages 6-18

Because of the popularity of the class and the requests we have had to hold more sessions, we will hold an additional session of Radical Reptiles on Monday, August 3. This one will be open to kids ages 6-18.

Radical Reptiles
$10 per student, includes accompanying adult
Reptiles come in many shapes and sizes. Some slither, others crawl- some have sharp fangs, and others have no teeth at all! Come to the Zoo and see what the scaly creatures have in common, and what makes them different. Class includes a short instructional time with pictures, animal artifacts, live animals, interactive play, and a guided short visit in the Zoo. 
August 3, 2015  9am-10:30am
Ages 6-18

Questions?  Contact Elise Kelly, Utah’s Hogle Zoo(801) 584-4563 | ekelly@hoglezoo.org

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