Thursday, June 15, 2017

New resources to limit unhealthy food marketing to students

Kick off summer with new resources limiting unhealthy food marketing to students
Starting next school year, all schools participating in the federal National School Lunch or Breakfast Program must have a local school wellness policy in place that limits unhealthy food and beverage marketing to students. At a minimum, schools must prohibit any on-campus marketing of foods and beverages that fail to meet the USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards.

ChangeLab Solutions has new and updated resources for community stakeholders working with schools to address school wellness:
In addition, we have updated our Model Statute Limiting Food Marketing at Schools, a state-level tool for state boards of education, state policymakers, and school health advocates supporting healthy school food environments.

We encourage you to explore all of our resources on food and beverage marketingContact us with any questions or for technical assistance to help make your schools healthier for children. And, learn how you can support our work with cities nationwide!
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