Monday, April 22, 2013

Primary Health Coverage Available for Uninsured Adults

Primary Care Network opens enrollment today

What: Utah’s Primary Care Network (PCN) will open enrollment today.   PCN is a primary preventive health coverage plan for uninsured adults. Benefits include physician services, prescriptions, dental services, eye exams, emergency room visits, birth control, and general preventive services.

Why: Since March 2012, PCN has been closed for enrollment and has not accepted new applications. Beginning today, all uninsured Utah adults may apply online, by mail, or in person to receive primary health care.

Who: Adults who meet the following requirements may apply:
- Age 19 through 64
- U.S. citizens or legal residents
- Not covered by other health insurance
        - Meet income guidelines (e.g., a family of 4 with a maximum income of $35,325 per year)
- Not qualified for Medicaid
- Have no access to Medicare or Veterans benefits
- Have no access to student health insurance (as full-time students)

When: PCN will be accepting applications:
For adults without children April 22 – May 6.
For parents/caretaker relatives with dependent children April 22 – May 17.

Where:  Apply online at or call the PCN hotline at

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