Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Get the facts: Ready-to-use materials in English and Spanish for all types of health emergencies and disasters

Get the facts: Ready-to-use materials from APHA's Get Ready campaign
Use these free materials from APHA to help Americans prepare themselves, their families and their communities for all public health hazards they may face, including disasters, pandemic flu or other emerging infectious diseases. Share them with those you care about, or pass them out in your community!
Wondering what's new? Check out our new five-part fact sheet series on preparedness for people living with disabilities!
Usage and permissions
Get Ready fact sheets and materials can be used just about anywhere! Read our guides if you want to know about permissions and usage.
Request free hard copies of materials: The Get Ready campaign has free hard copies of its materials on an available basis. If you would like to request that materials be mailed to you, use our request form.
Hurricanes Spanish
• Tornadoes: How to get ready for a tornado
 (PDF) English or Spanish
• Hurricanes: Getting ready for hurricanes
 (PDF) English or Spanish
• Tsunamis: How to prepare for a 
tsunami English or Spanish
• Earthquakes: How to get ready for earthquakes
 (PDF) English or Spanish
• Floods: How to get ready for floods
 (PDF) English or Spanish
• Wildfires:How to get ready for wildfires 
(PDF) English or Spanish
• Heat waves:How to get ready for a heat wave
 (PDF) English or Spanish
• Landslides: How to get ready for a landslide 
(PDF) English or Spanish
• Volcanoes: How to get ready for a volcano
 (PDF) English or Spanish
• Winter storms: How to get ready for a winter storm
 (PDF) English orSpanish
• Chemical exposures: How to avoid chemical exposure 
during a disaster (PDF) English or Spanish
• Power outages: How to get ready for power outages
 (PDF) English orSpanish
• Sheltering in place: What you need to know to stay put 
during a disasterEnglish or Spanish
• Mosquitoes: How to stay safe from mosquito-borne
 diseases English orSpanish

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