Wednesday, October 16, 2013

UDOH Oral Health Program reaching out to Tribal and Rural areas in Utah

Oral Health Specialist, Michelle Martin RDH, MPH has been implementing an oral health component and participating with the Children With Special Health Care Needs clinics in Utah.  So far she has been to Blanding, St. George, and Price. She is working on a contact in Vernal, Utah. In each city Michelle is meeting with a local dental hygienist to help with the program.  In each area families are asked if their child has a dental home. Martin is offering to place fluoride varnish on each child and their siblings if they are with them, reviewing oral hygiene instructions, and providing additional resources if needed.

A great example of a successful local contact is with Darshini Begaye. She is a dental hygienist who lives in Montezuma Creek. Darshini, being Navajo was able make a connection with local residents while at the Montezuma Creek Dental clinic that other providers sometimes are unable to do. Darshini brought fluoride varnish, toothbrushes, and paste, for each child and each parent, and cute stickers for the children as a reward. Having a local oral health champion like Darshini, has proven to be very helpful. Darshini has great interpersonal skills, is empathetic and is easily able to build rapport with the local people.

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  1. So great to hear stories like this of collaboration between healthcare officials and doctors/community members for the good of the community! Call me sentimental, but coming from a family of dentists as I do I just love the idea of dentists and health department cooperating and working in tandem to help children and disadvantaged patients. Dentists in Vernal UT seem so nice!

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    Roxanne Rook