Wednesday, January 8, 2014

CMS issued the formal extension of PCN in Utah

CMS issued the formal extension of PCN through December 2014.  As part of the extension, CMS reduced PCN's income level to 100% Federal Poverty Line (FLP), effective March 31. Current PCN clients over 100% FPL have been notified.

How will PCN change on January 1, 2014?
Starting on January 1, 2014, the amount of income you can make each month and still be on PCN will change.  Only people with income less than the amounts below will be eligible for PCN. 
Household Size
Monthly Income

What happens if my income is too high?
Your current income is more than the amounts listed above for your household size.  The Affordable Care Act (also known as Healthcare Reform) created an option where you may be able to receive help to purchase a health insurance plan that would cover more services than PCN.  You have the option to:
·       sign up now for a more complete plan and see if you are able to get help paying for the plan;or
·       stay on PCN until your case closes on March 31, 2014.  

What if I want to get private health insurance now?
You can look for private health insurance at any time.  You may be able to find health insurance on  If you apply at, you will also find out if you can get help paying for insurance premiums and copays.
Private health insurance has more benefits than the PCN.  With private health insurance, you can get coverage for hospital stays, specialists, more than 4 prescriptions per month and other services not covered by PCN. You may also be able to get mental health or substance use disorder services.
If you get health insurance now, you must report this to the Department of Workforce Services and your PCN case will close. 
How can I get help finding private health insurance?
Take Care Utah is a program that can help you find affordable health care coverage. They have health insurance navigators that can help you.
What is a health insurance navigator?
A health insurance navigator is a person who can help you find healthcare coverage either through Medicaid or private insurance.
For questions or help finding health insurance, contact Take Care Utah by:
·       Calling 801-433-2299 or
To learn about current coverage options in Utah visit
For more information on federal healthcare reform or to find health insurance coverage options on your own, visit


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