Monday, August 11, 2014

Healthy Resources for Walking & Biking to School

Even though the Safe Routes to School movement has gained
On the Movemomentum nationwide, many communities still face challenges implementing these programs. Four new publications from ChangeLab Solutions are now available to help districts, parents, and active transportation advocates develop policies for walking or bicycling to school.
On the Move and Get Out & Get Moving are geared toward rural areas that face unique challenges around implementing Safe Routes to School programs. On the Move breaks down approaches and tools of particular interest to rural school districts, including highlights of the online Safe Routes to School Policy Workbook tool.Get Out & Get Moving explores the legal implications of remote drop-off programs, and includes a cost-benefit worksheet for assessing risk.
Get Out & Get MovingIncorporating Safe Routes to School into Local School Wellness Policies and Model General Plan Language Supporting Safe Routes to Schools provide model language that communities can adapt to their specific needs.
These publications—in conjunction with the Safe Routes to School Policy Workbook and our other Safe Routes to School resources—can help create environments that will improve health outcomes for children. For more information on implementing Safe Routes to School policies in your community, please contact us.

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