Monday, February 23, 2015

Enrollment America releases State of Enrollment Report

In this report, you'll find important lessons learned from the second open enrollment period, based on the latest data from the outreach campaign that contacted more than 6 million consumers.

Click here to read the report.
Now that an estimated 11.4 million Americans are enrolled in marketplace coverage, plus millions more in Medicaid and CHIP, it's time to reflect on the strategies that can make even more progress possible.
In the report, you'll learn about the latest findings on the "science of enrollment,"including:

  • Which messages motivated the uninsured to start the enrollment process.
  • What tools and outreach strategies make consumers more likely to successfully enroll.
  • Why year-round outreach is critical to enrollment success.
  • How tax time is a prime opportunity to encourage enrollment.
  • Where the uninsured rate has already fallen the farthest.
Click here to read the State of Enrollment report and learn more about best practices that everyone involved in enrollment can replicate in the future.

Millions more Americans can still benefit from financial help to get covered, but only if partners like you, in communities around the country, continue this important work in the years to come.

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