Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Notice of Vacancy/Call for Nominations: Advisory Committee on Equity of Educational Services for Students (ACEESS)


Name of organization:  Advisory Committee on Equity of Educational Services for Students (ACEESS)

Date Posted:  April 19, 2016  *****DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED***********
Date nominations are due to Board Secretary:  ASAP

Brief background of what the organization does and the reference in statute or rule establishing the organization: The Utah State Board of Education adopted a Resolution in its January 7, 2016 meeting to establish ACEESS, a new advisory committee to the Board.  The Resolution can be found at here. 

The purpose of the committee is to advise the Board regarding the Board’s efforts to support equity of educational services for students.

Who the group advises:  Utah State Board of Education

Number vacancies:  5

Specific representation needed for each vacancy and terms of appointment: 
  • 2 persons representing Native Americans
  • 1 persons representing Asian Americans
  • 2 persons representing Hispanic/Latino Americans
Initially, one member from each of the first five groups will be appointed for a 1-year term and one member will be appointed for a 2-year term.  In the last category, three of the members will be appointed for a 2-year term, and 2 members for a 1-year term.

Meetings:  The Committee will meet monthly.

Other information: Candidates for the committee will be interviewed by the Board, beginning.

Contact for questions:  Emilie Wheeler, 801-707-8421 or Lorraine Austin, 801-538-7517.

Nomination and Resume Submission:  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please submit a resume with information pertinent to this position and a statement of interest, including any relevant qualification and experience to Lorraine Austin at

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