Friday, October 7, 2016

Utah's Fifth Annual Report on Intergenerational Poverty

Intergenerational Poverty Report 2016

Since its passage in 2012, the ntergenerational Poverty Mitigation Act (IGPA) elevated Utah as a national leader in efforts to end the cycle of poverty for families by focusing on the well-being of children. This attention has not been achieved through the establishment of expensive new programs. Rather, the Act requires Utah to utilize research and implement data-driven policies to inform its decision making, ensuring families striving for
better opportunities for themselves and their children realize their potential.

Through the past four years, political and public will has grown to address this issue, increasing opportunities for Utah children and supporting their path toward self-reliance into adulthood. These expanded opportunities ultimately reduce the need for costly public assistance programs and arm children with the tools necessary to achieve their dreams. Utah has seized the moment to focus on these families.

Read entire report here.

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