Monday, July 2, 2018

A State of Decay: A State Report on Older Adults' Oral Health

Presenters: Bianca Rogers, BS; Natalie Shaffer, BS

July 10, 2018, 1:00 PM CT
In 2003, Oral Health America (OHA) commissioned the A State of Decay (ASOD) series to provide the public with data describing the oral health status of adults 65+. In April 2018, OHA released volume four of this biannual report, analyzing six variables that impact the oral health of older adults. The report ranks each state with an overall score.

This webinar’s purpose is to summarize the importance of the findings in ASOD with take-home lessons about how messages can be tailored to raise awareness about the oral health needs of older adults. The goal is to empower participants to use the report to take collective action in improving oral health practices, plans, and policies in their states by sharing data, field strategies, and communications techniques for the purpose of working toward creating a healthier older adult population. In addition, the report includes a special section on national data to start a conversation in the national infrastructure of oral health. 
Continuing Education Credit: 1
*In order to receive these credits you must complete the evaluation for the specific webinar within six months of its live air date.

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