Monday, June 15, 2015


Climb Out events will be held worldwide to raise awareness of maternal mental health disorders

On June 20, 2015, Salt Lake City, Utah will host its own Climb Out of the Darkness as part of the world’s largest event raising awareness of maternal mental illnesses such as postpartum depression (PPD), anxiety, OCD and psychosis. As part of the Climb, survivors all over the world – dubbed Warrior Moms – are organizing to climb, hike or walk at a local mountain or park to symbolize their collective rise out of the darkness and stigma of maternal mental illnesses, as well as to raise funds for Postpartum Progress, a non-profit organization and online community of support resources for women around the world.
The Salt Lake City Climb will be held at Ensign Peak, 1002 N Ensign Vista Drive on June 20th at 10AM. All participants must register beforehand at Sponsorships from local businesses are also being accepted. Please contact local Climb Leader, Lindsay Aerts, at 435-760-2572 or for more information on sponsorships that will help support the Climb. 

“This event is so important to our overall cause and our growing community of Warrior Moms, as it grants both the visibility that they so richly deserve,” said Katherine Stone, Founder, Postpartum Progress. “Your local Warrior Mom is rallying together friends, family, the healthcare community and other survivors to celebrate their journeys rather than feel ashamed of them, therefore reducing the stigma associated with these health issues. We hope that at least one mom who is currently suffering feels empowered to get the help she needs from our efforts – that would make it worth it for us.”

This is the third annual Climb Out of the Darkness, always held around the longest day of the year to shine the most possible light on maternal mental illness. In 2014, more than 1,500 participants joined Climbs in 7 countries around the world, up from 200 participants in the inaugural 2013 Climb. 

The 2015 goal is to raise more than $200,000 to support Postpartum Progress, and as of May 12, 2015 over $67,000 has been raised. As of now, Team Salt Lake City has raised $185. Funds raised from this event will allow the organization to create new educational materials to be used by obstetricians, pediatricians and others, as well as new materials to help educate the media on the public health impact of postpartum depression and related illnesses on mothers and children.

For questions about the Climb Out of the Darkness, visit or contact the Salt Lake City Climb Leader, Lindsay Aerts, at 435-760-2572 or by emailing 
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Postpartum depression, which affects 1 in every 7 women, is the most common complication of childbirth.
Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders like postpartum depression are temporary and treatable with professional help.
Only 15 percent of women will seek help for their disorder - this means there are 500,000-750,000 untreated moms suffering without treatment for their PPD each year.
Ninety-five percent of respondents to an audience impact survey reported that Postpartum Progress helped them learn more about mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period; 79 percent reported Postpartum Progress helped them recognize they were suffering from a maternal mental illness. 
Ninety-seven percent of impact survey participants felt less alone in their experience thanks to Postpartum Progress. 
Eighty-six percent of audience survey respondents reported that Postpartum Progress led them to share their story of maternal mental illness more openly with others. 

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