Thursday, October 20, 2011

Free Consumer and Clinician Guides Available to Help Inform your Medical Desicions

Research has been conducted and guides have now been produced for clinicians and patients to make informed health treatment decisions.  Free guides and resources in a variety of topics and are available.  Visit the US Dept of Health & Humans Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for information and to order these guides. 

Treatment Guides
These short guides provide information about health conditions and list the benefits and harms of different treatment options. You can read them on screen or print them. You can also take them to your next doctor’s visit.
Consumer guides:
Summary Guides
Clinician Guides summarize research review findings on the benefits and harms of different treatment options and rate the strength of evidence of the review’s conclusions. In conjunction with Consumer Guides, they support patient counseling on the effectiveness, benefits, and harms of different treatment options for various medical conditions. Consumer guides provide useful background on health conditions. The guides on medications also contain basic wholesale price information. There are also consumer guides in Spanish. También hay guías para el consumidor disponible en español.
Clinician guides:

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