Thursday, March 15, 2012

Did Utah meet its health goals over the past decade?

The results are in! We can now see how Utah's progress toward Healthy People 2010--a set of long-term goals (targets) established in 2000 for advancing the health of Utah citizens. 

Unfortunately, many of these targets were not met. In particular, it is concerning that Utah did not meet targets related to preventing infant mortality and adolescent suicide.  It is clear that we need to step up our efforts during the upcoming decade to keep our young people alive and thriving.

However, in the area of chronic disease prevention, Utah met many goals.  Cancer, stroke and heart disease are declining, although they continue to be major killers of Utahns. Utah met its goals for lowering smoking rates, which may have contributed to declines in chronic disease. An unfortunate exception was diabetes, with a prevalence that nearly triples the target.  This high rate may be related to the high obesity rate, which was also well above target.

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