Thursday, March 8, 2012

PCN Open Enrollment March 19-30

PCN covers services for uninsured adults
such as:
• Visits to a primary care provider
• Four prescriptions per month
• Dental exams, cleanings, fillings,
routine x-rays, tooth extractions
• Immunizations
• Routine lab services and x-rays
• Limited coverage of emergency room visits
• Emergency medical transportation
• Birth control methods
Depending on your income, you will pay an
enrollment fee of up to $50 a year.
Apply online or call for an application:


  1. You must either have children under age 18 OR be disabled and completely unable to work to be eligible for this open enrollment. PCN is supposed to be the option to cover those who can't qualify for Medicaid or get helath insurance through an employer, but even though health coverage is now MANDATORY, there are still NO options for single adults without children who are able to work, but just don't have the hundreds of dollars a month to purchase private health insurance.

    1. That sucks. I needed it right around that time, still do, as I have health coverage but its very insufficient, i pay three times out of pocket what the dental does i may as well not have it at all, and I still have thousands of dollars in routine dental such as fillings and sealants and would very gladly rid myself of my moms cruddy insurance to get something of my own.
      I totally know what u mean. I am able to work but Im saving to get back into college and dont have the thousands to pay for health insurance or pay for it on my own.

  2. when is oven enrollment going to open ?? I was told it would be in November but it didn't happen.