Friday, May 16, 2014

New Grants Available

The Office of Minority Health administers grant programs to support projects that implement innovative models to improve minority health and reduce health disparities.

The following grant announcements have been posted for applications.

Announcement Number:  MP-CPI-14-003
Opportunity Title: Partnerships to Increase Coverage in Communities Initiative
Estimated Funding Level: Up to $2,700,000 
Expected Number of Awards:  10 - 13 
Announcement Description: The purpose of the Partnerships to Increase Coverage in Communities (PICC) Initiative is to identify, assist and educate minority populations about the Health Insurance Marketplace (Marketplace) and coverage opportunities made possible by the Affordable Care Act. The PICC Initiative will support organizations, partnerships and coalitions that will develop and provide comprehensive information and education sessions to minority consumers relative to the Marketplace; disseminate CMS or state-developed information to increase awareness of the Marketplace and, where appropriate, provide updated materials to more effectively offer culturally competent services specific to underserved communities, including translation services.  Successful grantees will assist individuals from underserved and/or hard to reach populations in applying for health insurance coverage through the Marketplace, providing guidance on financial assistance and coverage options to reach minority populations who are targeted for enrollment. These funds may not be used to support individuals funded as Navigators for the 2014 Open Enrollment period in Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Marketplaces.Due Date for Applications: June 16, 2014
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Announcement Number:  MP-YEP-14-001
Opportunity Title: 
Minority Youth Violence Prevention:  Integrating Public Health and Community Policing Approaches (MYVP)
Estimated Funding Level: Approximately $4 million
Expected Number of Awards: 8 – 10Announcement Description: The Office of Minority Health (OMH) jointly with the Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office), announces the availability of Fiscal Year 2014 funds for the Minority Youth Violence Prevention: Integrating Public Health and Community Policing Approaches (MYVP). MYVP will support program interventions developed through adaptations, refinements, and modifications of promising violence prevention and crime reduction models that are tailored to at-risk minority male youth (ages 10-18) and integrate a problem solving approach - such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) problem-solving model or the COPS Office Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment (SARA) problem-solving model. These approaches should simultaneously address public health and public safety concerns and be tailored to at-risk male youth. A technical assistance webinar will be held for potential applicants to the MYVP program on Thursday, May 29, 20144-5:30 pm ET.
Due Date for Applications: June 13, 2014 
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Announcement Number:  MP-YEP-14-005
Opportunity Title: Youth Empowerment Program II (YEP II)
Estimated Funding Level: Approximately $4 million
Expected Number of Awards: 8 – 16
Announcement Description: YEP II seeks to address unhealthy behaviors in minority males (10-18 years) at-risk of violence and provide them opportunities to learn skills and gain experiences that contribute to more positive lifestyles and enhance their capacity to make healthier life choices. YEP II intends to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic partnerships in improving the health status of at-risk minority male youth by addressing youth violence and the resolution of conflicts in a nonviolent manner, low educational attainment, school suspensions and dropout, refusal skills with respect to reduction in substance abuse, counseling and behavioral health, cultural beliefs associated with sexual risk behavior among males, and enhancing the community’s capacity to facilitate and sustain mentoring support services for at-risk minority male youth. The initiative will support an evidence-based program aimed at improving the expected life outcomes for at-risk minority male youth. 
Due Date for Applications: June 13, 2014 
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Announcement Number: MP-CPI-14-001
Opportunity Title: Eliminating Disparities in Lupus through Education and Training for Health Professionals (ELHDI) 
Estimated Funding Level: $2 million Expected 
Number of Awards: 1 
Announcement Description: The purpose of the ELHDI is to eliminate lupus related health disparities among racial and ethnic populations disproportionately affected by this disease. This overall purpose will be achieved by disseminating a national lupus education program to health professionals and student trainees in targeted schools and health care system and practices. 
Due Date for Applications: June 9, 2014 
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Announcement Number: MP-CPI-14-002 
Opportunity Title: HIV/AIDS Initiative for Minority Men (AIMM) 
Estimated Funding Level: $1.5 million 
Expected Number of Awards: 4 – 6 
Announcement Description: The AIMM Initiative specifically addresses the unmet needs of young racial and ethnic minority men who have sex with men (MSM) between the ages of 20-29 and young minority males living with HIV/AIDS or at high risk for HIV infections. The AIMM Initiative will establish a comprehensive Integrated Center for Care and Supportive Services (ICCSS) that employs evidence-based disease management and preventive health program and supportive services to reduce the transmission of HIV; address gaps and fragmentation of HIV/AIDS treatment; reduce HIV/AIDS stigma and barriers to culturally and linguistically appropriate care; social determinants of health that impede treatment adherence; preventive opportunistic infections; and improve clinical outcomes of MSM and young minority males living with HIV or at risk for HIV infections.
Due Date for Applications: June 9, 2014 
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