Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Medicaid Cards Coming this Month

Beginning this month, the Utah Department of Health will issue new wallet-sized plastic Medicaid cards to Medicaid and Primary Care Network (PCN) members.  The new card replaces the current color-coded, full sheet of paper that shows the member’s eligibility each month. The new card will be used whenever the member is eligible for Medicaid.

The wallet-sized cards will not have eligibility information listed on them. Instead, they will have the member’s name, Medicaid ID number, and date of birth.  The back of the card has helpful contact information and websites for both providers and members.

Before providing services, providers will be able to use a new online tool to verify if their patient is eligible for Medicaid.  The Eligibility Lookup Tool is a website that allows a provider to electronically view a member’s Medicaid eligibility, plan enrollment, and co-pay information. 

More information about the new Medicaid card and helpful tools are available on the Medicaid website.

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