Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Are you helping people enroll in health insurance? Here are some resources that can help.

Many consumers have new health insurance coverage, we encourage you to repost, share, link or print the following tip sheets on
Fact sheets on that may come in handy when talking with consumers or patients: 
  1. What to know about seeing your doctor – (Sept 2014)
  2. What to know about getting your prescription medications - (Sept 2014)
  3.  Appealing your insurers' decision not to pay - (Nov 2014)
  4. I signed up, but don't have health coverage. What should I do? - (Sept 2014)
  5. Getting emergency care - (Aug 2014)
  6. What you should know about early renewal of health coverage - (Nov 2014)
  7. What you should know about provider networks - (Sept 2014)
  8. Can’t afford health coverage?  (April 2014)
  9. 10 things providers need to know  (Sept 2014)
  10. 10 things to tell your patients  (Sept 2014)
A list of all plans and their customer service numbers can be found in thisdata base.

In addition, please note that we have updated  to include new information as consumers begin to prepare for the tax season.  That information can be found at  . 

Please direct any questions to

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