Thursday, September 1, 2011


The Department of Workforce Services will open enrollment for General Assistance (GA) financial benefits beginning September 12, 2011. An end date for this open enrollment has not been predetermined. Applications will be considered as funding permits.

The General Assistance (GA) program provides limited financial assistance to disabled adults without dependent children. To become eligible for GA benefits, applicants will be required to provided evidence of a physical and/or mental heath impairment that prevents them from working at all in any occupation. Additional verifications may also be requested to ensure all eligibility requirements are met.

An on line pre-screening tool is available to help you determine if you are likely to be eligible for GA benefits before you complete a full application and provide all of the necessary verifications.
Individuals who are receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from Social Security are not eligible for GA. Individuals who have been denied Social Security Administration disability benefits at the Administrative Law Judge hearing level, are not eligible for GA benefits unless they can verify an unrelated disabling condition has developed.

Apply at any Department of Workforce Services Employment Center
For faster service, we encourage you to apply online at

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