Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Other Social Media?

Are you thinking about using social media (like this blog) to promote a public health message?  Are you wondering whom this message would reach?

The Utah Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program recently released Social Media: A Guide to Social Networking Applications, Their Audiences and Their Uses.  The Guide explains how to use a variety of social media applications and discusses the demographics of their audiences.

Do you want to reach minorities?  Did you know that Hispanics and Blacks are more likely than Whites to use Twitter and YouTube?

Do you want to reach young adults with your messages?  Try blogging; more than half of blog readers are ages 21-35.

Can you reach people with low incomes using social media?  Try Twitter, which is popular among people with low incomes.

Just hoping to reach the largest number of people possible?  Use Facebook, the most popular social media application.

See the full report at:

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