Thursday, September 8, 2011

Healthcare Providers Share Ideas about Preventing Infant Mortality

Healthcare providers from across the country are sharing ideas to help address infant mortality at the Office of Minority Health website this month.  Do you have an idea?  Share it by emailing 

Here is a recent submission from Nan Streeter, a nurse and Utah Department of Health Deputy Director.  Read more of these ideas at

"While not all infant deaths are preventable, we do know that there are some practical things that a provider can do to reduce the risk of infant death, including:
  • Ensuring that a woman with a high risk pregnancy delivers at a facility that has both tertiary level maternal-fetal and neonatal capacity to care for the highest risk mothers and infants; delivering at a hospital with only tertiary level neonatal capacity doesn't address the need for tertiary care for the mother to ensure the best possible outcomes
  • Prevention of subsequent preterm birth among women with a history of preterm birth with 17P.
  • Advising women BEFORE pregnancy to get their weight within normal ranges because obesity impacts fertility and pregnancy outcomes
  • Avoiding elective inductions until the 39th week, unless medical indications warrant induction
  • Advise women about the danger signs of pregnancy, such as decreased fetal movement"
Nan Streeter, M.S., R.N.
Utah Department of Health
Deputy Director, Division of Family Health and Preparedness
Director, Maternal and Child Health Bureau

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