Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Born Too Soon

Some facts from the new World Health Organization Report

Some preterm births result from early induction of labor or cesarean birth whether for medical or non-medical reasons.  Most preterm births happen spontaneously. Common causes include multiple pregnancies, infections and chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure; however, often no cause is identified.

Over 60% of preterm births occur in Africa and South Asia . The 10 countries with the highest numbers include Brazil, the United States, India and Nigeria, demonstrating that preterm birth is truly a global problem.  Of the 11 countries with preterm birth rates of over 15%, all but two are in
sub-Saharan Africa (Figure 2).  In the poorest countries, on average, 12% of babies are born too soon compared with 9% in higher-income countries. Within countries, poorer
families are at higher risk.

There is a dramatic survival gap for premature babies depending on where they are born. For example, over 90% of extremely preterm babies (<28 weeks) born in low-income countries die within the first few days of life; yet less than 10% of babies of this gestation die in high-income settings, a 10:90 survival gap.
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  1. The full report provided a wealth of great knowledge. One thing that I found most interesting is that pre-term births are more common in boys. And at the end of the day it matters not if the rates are higher for boys, what's more important is that prevention measures & overall health/wellness is practiced to decrease the rate of pre-term births. Project Fresh Start Theme: "Every Child Deserves a Fresh Start & Every Fresh Start Begins with You".