Thursday, December 13, 2012

Text4Baby Spotlights Utah

After community assessments by the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) Office of Health Disparities (ODH) identified that many of their target populations get their information from social media and texting, OHD decided text4baby was the intervention they needed. OHD is actively promoting text4baby to community partners such as Comunidades Unidas, who are reaching out to Spanish-speaking Utahans with education classes for women and their partners during pregnancy, and Project Fresh Start, which promotes text4baby among African Americans at local universities and churches.  The UDOH Tribal Health Liaison is also promoting among eight tribal communities.  In addition, OHD is exploring ways to promote the service to Pacific Islanders, including developing a text4baby poster for that audience. Utah's Baby Your Baby program promotes the service by including information on how to enroll with each Baby Your Baby keepsake book that is mailed to expectant mothers. With culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach information and materials, text4baby is serving as a valuable tool to help UDOH eliminate birth outcomes disparities in Utah!

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