Friday, May 22, 2015

Funding Opportunitis from RWJF: New Leadership Programs to Build A Culture of Health


Building on decades of successes through our human capital investments, RWJF is developing four new boundary-spanning leadership programs that reflect our vision to work with others to build a national Culture of Health.
RWJF will select up to four national leadership program centers to receive a three-month planning grant to co-develop the launch of the leadership program(s), with a maximum amount of $750,000 per award per program.
The four new programs (and their working titles) are:
  • RWJF Diversity in Health Policy Research will support a large cadre of doctoral students from diverse backgrounds whose research, connections, and leadership will contribute to a Culture of Health.
  • RWJF Interdisciplinary Research Leaders will support a network of researchers whose leadership and community-relevant, policy-relevant, and action-oriented research will help to drive social change that builds a Culture of Health.
  • RWJF Multisector Leaders for Health will develop and leverage a diverse group of leaders representing key sectors (e.g., education, transportation, public health and policy, social work, business, community engagement, urban planning, and health care) who, as a result of this program, will take their leadership and influence to the next level to lead communities, organizations, and the nation toward a Culture of Health.
  • RWJF New Clinical Scholars will develop networked cohorts of clinicians who have attained a terminal clinical degree and who have the competencies and capabilities to lead transformative change that helps to build a Culture of Health in communities across the country.
Applicants may submit a proposal for one or more programs; each of the individual program proposals will be considered separately.

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