Monday, August 31, 2015

OHD awarded State Partnership Grant from HHS

The Office of Health Disparities was awarded the State Partnership Grant to Improve Minority Health, a grant from the U.S  Department of Health and Human Services aimed at reducing health disparities among racial/ethnic minorities in geographic hot spots in communities (not at the state level). 

The project proposed by OHD will address the problem of inadequate access to primary health care and oral health services among racial/ethnic minorities and other under-served populations in the Glendale suburb of Salt Lake City and the City of South Salt Lake. These two locations have the highest combined proportion of racial/ethnic minorities and poverty levels of any other urban communities in Utah. The communities living in those areas face significant barriers and challenges to obtaining health and dental care, such as limited English proficiency/language assistance needs, low health literacy levels, and limited familiarity with clinical guidelines and local health systems.

This five year project will be implemented in partnership with different agencies and community organizations. This was a very competitive grant and only sixteen states nationwide were awarded. Utah is the only state in Region VIII that received the award.

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