Monday, March 21, 2016

CHW Job Announcement

Do you go out of your way to help your neighbors?

AUCH - Association for Utah Community Health

Have you ever helped a family member or friend receive healthcare service?

Do your neighbors or friends come to you for help? Are there things harmingyour community you feel passionate about changing? If the answer to any ofthese questions is "yes," this might be the job for you.

Job Description
Many things keep people from staying healthy and getting better when theyare sick. Patients have worries such as: “How will I get to the pharmacy toget my prescriptions filled?” “Who will watch my children while I go to thedoctor?” and “How will I be able to pay for both food and healthcare?”
At AUCH we believe that Community Health Workers (CHWs) should understandwhat low-income patients are experiencing and be able to help them getthrough difficult times. CHWs are people who come from the communities theyserve. CHWs act as caring neighbors to help patients address social andmedical problems that can hurt their health. The goals of the CHW are tohelp patients with the tasks of getting medical care, working on healthgoals (such as planning healthy meals or finding time to exercise), andhelping them deal with the “real-life” issues that keep them from gettingor staying healthy.

For a full position description, minimum qualification and information onhow to apply go to

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